Operational Plan

All companies have different production methodologies, purchasing methods, shipping logistics, sales methods, customer service – you need a plan to improve, save money. The best way is to stretch existing resources across larger volumes.

We have a tried and true method to develop that plan. We ask people to write down the top 5 things they would change, and then to write the second 5 things they would change. We study these, usually ask some questions, and then. tie these all together in and you would be amazed at the joint set. We then quantify the ideas for improvements -- savings, cost, effort/time to implement and prepare a plan. We obtain that elusive thing called “strategic agreement”.

We do it for you to maximize the sale price.

We can do all this – one group Spector Solutions and we only take on one or two clients at a time, we want to deliver value or we don’t want to be there.

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